Let's Talk About Salve Bay...Bee

So, I have this friend. A soul-friend. You've sort of met her already...{Jenny-Jen}. She's your Shutterfly Secret Agent and guru on, well, pretty much everything else, too. You've seen her name sprinkled throughout my blog posts, and that's because she's one of those dearies that just knows stuff. And, I consult her all the time. On pretty much...anything. She lives her life...

This is her blog and Etsy shop!

From the instant I met her, it was like...umm...excuse me for being superduperfreakinforward, but we're gonna be, like, instant friends, right? Right?! Cool. Then, that's settled.

I'd need a gazillion blogs to write about how cool she is...and you know I love a good Ode up in this...but I think with J, I'll just do a series of random odes! First up: let's talk about her holistic side. Homegirl keeps it real. A few months ago, in the heart of a RIDINKULOUS East Coast winter, J saw Twinado #1 smack her lips. Over...and over...and over. T-1 loves flavored lip gloss. Even if she hasn't applied it since noon, she still thinks it's on at 7. So, you can imagine the Heath Ledger-style Joker smile she was getting under her bottom lip on said day.

Strawberry Fizz: 1st place only by a wee smidgen to 2nd place Taffy Go Lucky.

Jenny-Jen to the rescue! She zoomed away like the superhero she is and popped back up with a little jar of...Salve. {My mind was racing. Good racing. What is this? Should I have had this? Tell me more. How the heck do you pronounce it? I think I need it. I need a case. Two cases! Four.} Now, mind you, if I had shown this stuff to T-1 {or her biffie, T-2}, I would have gotten a scrunch-face, a hand to my mug and a double eye roll. Oh...and a loud nuh-uh. {Classy broads, eh?}

But, not J! She's like a magical fairy to the girls. Mythical like a mermaid with the charm of a unicorn and the sparkle of a seahorse. {Not kidding.} She shows T-1 this stuff and the girl puckered right up. {See? Toldja.} Pretty sure I'm going to have J on speed dial when it's time for homework next year. The girl's a rock star.

Anyhoo...back to The Salve. This little dollup of darlingness is one soothing son-of-a-gun! It's like a lotion-ointment-paste-cream fusion of fun in a jolly little jar. Not oily. Not runny. Not watery. Once applied, it can work to heal excessive dry/irritated skin. Especially chapped lips and sunburns.

This is THE actual Salve sold by J.

Oh...and on rug burn boo boos that sadly happen to your tiny knee when you lose your balance while skipping to the door to head out to the beach. Poor T-2 took a tumble and landed herself a nice big baseball-size scrape that hugged her ENTIRE knee a few weeks ago. She was screaming when we were on the sand. {Think: Kelis.} I didn't blame her. {OUCH!} We tried everything to help her. She refused to do anything for several hours...and covered up like a loon by the pool. When she's set in her ways...she's set in her ways. {Oy!}

Chicken Little. {Or Gilligan. You choose!}

Then I realized...I had tucked a jar of J's SALVE into the family beach bag. {Alleluia!} Although T-2 would have probably preferred to have J there to apply it, she stopped her tears for a sec and let us toss on a few dabs. {#BOOM} I swear I heard her knee say, "Hey, thanks, lady!" Vacation went on. {Phew!}

Mama, I'm SALVED!

Want to get your hands on some of J's homemade Salve? Grab that CC# or sign in to that PayPal account! J makes + sells "The Salve" on Etsy! Her Cross Fit buddies also swear by this. I hope you will, too, someday! {Oh yeah you just read that right, honey child. On top of EVERYTHING else cool that Miss J brings to the table, she adds a sweet side 'o Cross Fit fabulosity to her plate. #BOSS!}

Visit her Etsy shop, Running Sugar Free, and lemme know whatcha think about the all natural ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil and essential oils of lavender, tea tree and lemon. It's a nice 6 bucks. 6 BUCKS! Save that moolah you were gonna spend on dinner...because this one sure is a winner!

Disclaimer: I'm no doctor...{I just follow Dre}...so use this with caution, obvi. If any of the ingredients are a no-no for you...just keep on keepin' on, ok?!

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