A Monster Mash

Well, wouldya look at the calendar! 5 MORE MONTHS 'TIL HALLOWEEN! It's Monumentous. Errr...MONSTERmentous! It's no secret that I'm wicked obsessed with this holiday. I'm fully aware that I'm nauseating...but mad high fives to all who support my addiction adoration for Ten Thirty One.

CoCo always told me that in life, if you love something...like super squeezy, lovey dovey, big fat puffy heart bursting, Cheshire Cat cheesey smile, Care Bear cloud nine-style...L.O.V.E. something...just own it. She said we only get 1 little shot at this lovely thing called life, and one of the most brave things you can do while you're in it...is to own who you are. So I do! 

I'm a fun size candy, burnt orange and midnight black, costume changin', striped tights, crunchy leaves, pumpkin carvin', spooky tree, black cat, popcorn ball, cob-web hangin', graveyards on the front lawn, ghosts in the trees, extra make-up lovin' nut job. So, if I'm your cup 'o witches brew...step right on up and let's be friends. Best friends.

This past fall, The Twinados asked for a Halloween Party. The Hubs {who loves H'ween with an equally paranormal lovin' passion} and I took one look at each other and flew our brooms across the backyard to the shed to see if we could scrounge around for items for a Big H celebration for the kiddos and their buddies.

Nothing is safe from chevron. Nothin!

We're softies for a party {Dips! Chips! Friends! Fondue! We'll celebrate any thing. At any time.}, so here's what we came up with on the fly via Google, Pinterest and just general loony-ness.

{The De-gore-ations}

We dig a fusion of 'ol school charm and chotchke flair! The weirder, the better. The more off-key, the merrier. Mis-matched is our motto. Googley-eyes are a plus. Here is a snapshot of some items we used to set the happy-go-spooky mood.

They asked for costumes. I swear!

{Graveyard Grub}

Our sweet friends all asked if they could bring something festive. We were thrilled! They all got into the spirit and pitched in for some Eeeeerie Eats! One of my personal faves was the Buffalo Chicken Dip dressed up as a pumpkin. {Ahhh!} Traditional taco dip took center stage...gotta have that at every party, right? Forgot to take a pic of the Chili Bar, but it was hella yummy. It was a first for us at a party and we're looking forward to it again. We scored a beautiful day - a little chilly at the start, but it reached the 70s! {Cray.} The chili with the sour cream, scallion, Cheez-It, shredded chedda toppings hit the spot. 

Rye Boat...a.k.a. Rye In Pieces...is an old family fave. {#Nostalgia}

Nothing fancy schmancy here. Just some alliteration. Next year we'll do better!


It was a group effort again at the Tricks and Treats table! Chocolate stole the show {holy moly --- Caramel Apple Milky Ways} and was in almost every delicious dish. PB Cup Witches Brooms {KB}, dirt pudding {AC}, choco covered strawbs {DK + KK}, graham cracker band-aids {KB}, peppy popcorn {JF}...and spider suckers from T-1 and T-2. 

Snickers needed some spicing up, so I dipped 'em in green choco and gave them a nice milk choco flat top 'do. Candy eyes made Frank come to life! Made a little ode to Dracula by adding some fake chompers and "blood-shot" candy eyes to plain 'ol glazed donuts. 

 My homegirl Ro Pansino of Nerdy Nummies {#superfan!} made a version of these cake pops, so I thought I'd hop on the banshee bandwagon and try them too. After dipping the cake ball into black choco, I plopped it right onto a cookie sheet with wax paper to get a flat base for green frosting and green Nerds. The flames are Wilton frosting with a #2-tip. I used a toothpick to draw on the cauldon handles with chocolate.

Use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to buy this cake pop stand.
It will cost you about 5 buckeroonies!

These witchy cupcakes took a little longer because of the shoes. I drew a high heel onto black construction paper and cut them out individually. I searched to the ends of the internet for some witch shoe stickers, but no dice! So, I glued these homemade ones on to striped straws just for...kicks. I think the pretzel pals and acorns were spotted in a Family Circle magazine. {Copycat! #Meow} 

{Goblin Games}

The Hubs was able to find some pallettes and a quick coat of white paint zhooshed them right up. We went for a grubby look and that's what we got, haha! Some nice hay bales added some oomph and a provided a nice base so the kiddos could see the game names. We used snow poles and caution tape to mark off the individual game rows. 

The line-up looks kind of scrappy. Sort of adds to the spook-factor, right?

Bought the Plinko set from Oriental Trading. Used an old flat board, orange solo cups, tissue paper and rubber bands for the punch game. Hid little bat whistles, spikey bouncey balls and spider rings inside.

Tar-zhay witch hats and a corn hole board wrapped in a garbage bag were ready to rock 'n  roll.

We used a plain white poster board for our ghost friend and a bunch of $1 pumpkin pails from Wally World to round out the games.

Glow sticks and themed cups for all participants. Everyone was a winner! {Including T-1...she's a bit OCD, so organizing the cups by color was a big treat for her.}

{Candy Corner}

All that game playing needed to be rewarded! So, we thought a little candy buffet would be a fun way to end the day! We used a short table so the kiddos could easily reach the yummies. Party City had scoops in every color of the rainbow. We bought silver so we could use them at other shin digs.

Check back for a future post featuring the guests! For now...here are two Twinions who showed up. We hear their parents are completely bonkers, but someday we hope they'll Gru on ya!

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