Live for the Mo-Mint

Hey, hey Friday! You're looking gorgeous today, aren't you, darlin?

Only a few more Summer Fridays left, my dear CoCo-Nuts, so soak up these beauties, when ya can! Whether you have wicked weekend plans or even if you're scheduled to work, give yourself a Mint Mani for a little perk!

Who else is LOVING this serenely sweet shade? It's happy. It's fresh. It's lovely and presh. Wasn't sure how it would look "on"...so I turned to one of my mini mentors to get her take on the sitch. Who might this trusted guru be? Well, it's the elder Twinado, of course - the one who tells me like it is. She pulls no punches and I am fully prepared for her to still keep me in line when I'm a crazy 89.

We found the following minty/bubblegum duo at PARTY CITY in the clearance bin of all places! It cost one whole George...and isn't it gorge?!

T-1's final verdict: "Ma!!! It's the same color as Everest!" 

So there ya have it...this Paw color has been Patrolled.

{p.s.} Wise words from our resident manicurist:
"If you fold a dollar, the guy turns into a mushroom with a jacket."

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