Oh, Christmas Tree. Oh, Ceramic Christmas Tree!

So, it’s January 4. A store-it-up Sunday! A long time ago, somewhere nestled in my Catholic school upbringing, I was told that you can keep Christmas decorations up until January 6. Such is the case with most of my mind, I’m never quite sure where I picked up these…we’ll call them {Dee-isms}…but I just can’t seem to let go of them!

In a lil effort to be ahead of the game this year, we’ve slowly started to take some holiday honeys down. If you personally know me {or you read my bio --- thank you!}, you know your buddy loves herself a Halloween haunt. The mere thought of that holiday has me longing terribly for a Hocus Pocus marathon, teeny Snickers Almond treasures {hi Ange!}, the sound of leaves crinkling and orange glitter everything. {Can’t leave out pumpkin patch mud on rain boots!}

But, I digress. Back to the season of jolly {and thoughts of peppermint candles with Jess}. While looking around to see what to pack back up first, a wee little dear caught my eye. The Ceramic Christmas Tree. Enter: my pouty bottom lip. The mere thought and sight of THIS beauty transports me right smack back into my Grandparents’ living room – across from a doorway with adorable taped up holiday greeting cards, down the hall from Ramen noodles {chicken...heavy on the spice packet please} cooking on a stove and next to a stagecoach-patterned “davenport.”

One of 1974's finest!

Sounds flood back. “Dani! Put back those bulbs!” … “Shelli! Stop turning it off and on!” {Who’s Shelli? Oh, she’s the greatest sister that ever lives. More on that sassafrass lata.} We never did listen because collecting those perfectly pointed, cutely colored bulbs and hearing the signature click of the on/off switch was just WAY too awesome of a game.  Right?!

My Grandma RoRo {yes, I have happily surrendered to the fact that my grandkids will someday probably call me...DoDo} crafted this forest green fox in a 1970s ceramics class. I fondly recall her, my mom, her sisters and nieces {hi Polka Sisters!} packing up supplies to head over to their lessons. Knowing that RoRo probably made this tree among love and laughter with the special women in her life makes it all the more special.

To know Ro, is to love Ro. She’s a giver. She’ll give you the shirt off her back {I’m serious – she gave me her sweatshirt once}  and she’s always strategically picking out things around her house and gifting them to particular family members. So,  I’m honored to have owned this heirloom for almost 10 years. She knew the joy it brought to me and how much I’d cherish being its new owner. {Shelli has one too --- we’re still debating over who has the original. It’s me, I just KNOW it! haha}

My absolute favorite part? The “RF” on the bottom. Can’t find that at Pottery Barn. Won’t see it at Hobby Lobby. Not today, Kirkland’s.

I swoon.

There are just “those” decorations, ya know? So, my 7-tiered tootsie is going to stick around for 2 more days. Some Dee-isms are too tree-mendous not to follow!

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