{Foodee} Rolo Brownies - A Love Story

Theirs was a love story made of chocolate and sealed with a caramel kiss. It was the fall of 2008 when I had the pleasure of witnessing the marriage of this perfect pair. I saw no reason at all why they should not be joined together in holy matrimony. Brownies, man. And Rolos. Yeah, I said it. Rolos. Lovely little tan jewels of goodness perfectly packaged in glammy gold foil. {Seems like no big deal to some, but I overheard Brownies saying that Rolos changed his life and made him a totally better person. Adorbs!}

Who was the officiant? Why, a genius Pampered Chef consultant, of course! The venue? Oh, well it was the adorable home of a very adorable friend. {Whose birthday juuuust so happens to be today. And, whenever I make these gems, I always think of her. Hi Anna Banana!} The guests were impressed by every detail of the “ceremony” and even today, the honeymoon isn’t over.

I haven’t stopped thinking about that diva'd up dessert since that fateful autumn day. I made my own vows to always keep that recipe in mind and it’s a delight to see this couple still working well together after all these years. The secret to their wedded bliss? A layer of chocolate syrup {lots of it}.

I put a little twist on the original PC recipe and added my secret weapon to it. Yep, plain ‘ol chocolate syrup. My favorite trick for ooey gooey chewy {not quite done} brownies is to add a swirl of chocolate syrup to the entire top of the batter just before it heads off to oven land. {I hope you'll try it!}

In closing, let’s raise a glass of icy cold milk and toast to this darling duo. Now, who wants a sassy snack? "I do!"


Trifecta, baby.

Brownie mix
Chocolate syrup
Chocolate chips
Quartered Rolos

{Step 1}

Fix up your mix and pour it into your pan. Just before you pop it into the oven, add chocolate syrup to the top {just a thin layer}. When that’s all set, I love to add chocolate chips {or even peanut butter chips sometimes} all over the top.

Loops like dis.

Chips like dat.

{Step 2}

While your brownies are cooking, quarter your Rolos. {Time to sneak a few for yourself. You deserve it, sweetface.}

Chop it like it's hot.

{Step 3}

When the brownies are done, take them out and immediately add the Rolos to the top. Let them completely cool before cutting. Invite me over for some. I'll bring ice cream!

Make sense?

Mrs. and Mrs. Brolo

Until next time...

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