{Dee-tales} The Orgreenic Ceramic Frying Pan

I'm an As-Seen-On-TV addict.

Who's with me?!

As much as I fast forward through infomercials, when it comes down to it, I'm a sucker for a gadget! Especially...a kitchen gadget. Each year for Christmas, my sis happily presents me with a new ASOT product. Now, I use the term "happily" quite loosely...because I completely hound the poor girl for an entire year on what I'm wishing for for the next holiday season.

I'll text her photos of me and the item in Target...I'll post love notes to her Facebook wall from the product...I'll tell the Twinados to bring it up to her every now and then...I'll sneak magazine pages into her purse. I'm ridiculous, annoying and weird. Rude, crass and cheesy.

I'm also the proud owner of one of THE most kick-ass frying pans. {Holla!}

{Meet: Orgreenic!} This green goddess I'm about to tell you about, has been biffies with my stove for about 2 years now. I wanted to spread the good word to you today because this one's a game changer. And...I genuinely heart you.

Here she is...making a cheery little breakfast.

She's so egg-cellent, I can't stand it.

I mentioned that you can find this at Tar-zhay, but I've also seen these in drug stores and "general merchandise" sections of grocery stores. She'll run ya about $9.99-$14.99-$19.99 at most {depending on if you can snag one of these babies on sale}.

Food pretty much SLIDES right out of the pan and meals have been cooked evenly perfect. I hear it's oven safe, so I'll soon try that. The handle stays chill {nice!}. I've yet to see any scratches on the ceramic bottom and clean-up is a cinch. That's pretty much it. No long back story or extra fine details. Just a big double thumbs up from dear 'ol me.

Oh, wait!!! {p.s. See those pretty red, yellow and orange pepps up there? I bought those sweeties in a handy little bag. They're also perfect for snacking...especially when paired with a big pat 'o cream cheese. Try 'em!}

Buy me!

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