So...Are The Dogs...Of My Life

Yesterday was National Puppy Day!

I'm having a "ruff" time realizing I didn't get a chance to post about it {womp, womp}.

I'm uber happy to have been able to grow up with Barney and Max. Later on in life, Baxter joined the family and I soon became Auntie to Roxy and Godmother to Lola-Dee. Here is how each of them made an impact on my life.

Barney {Mutt!}
Nicknames: Beans, Barn

He was a Boss.

A Foodie.

A Photobomber.

An Academic.

CoCo and Big M welcomed this big bad mamma jamma into the family right when they were married. 3 years later, Beans had a spunky little human sister to watch over.

He was a bad ass you-know-what...and that's putting it mildly.

He seriously had a swagger when he walked.

'Ol dude would stare strangers right in the mug and not blink an eye. We all learned proper intimidation by this pup!

100% alpha.

One of my favorite things to do was make a Lady Gaga-style monster claw motion at him. This is the best way I can describe it! He'd show all of his teeth when I'd do it. He'd never think to lunge at me...but he'd basically tell me to cut the sh%# by adding a squint eye to the whole scenario.

Like this one {from Page Six}.

I begged for months to take him on a walk on my own...my parents said whatever happens, DO NOT let go of his leash...as I look at the tiny scar on my knee today, I fondly recall being dragged up the street as he chased a squirrel. #ilistended

I once "ran away" and set up camp in the screen house in our backyard. I took barney with me. Turns out I'm not exactly the Thelma to his Louise. He tore through the screen and ran out when I tried to hold him hostage. Guess I'm pretty boring company!

He witnessed Tippy the Clown throwing me in the pool at my 6th Birthday Party. Pretty sure he developed a phobia/annoyance after that stupid incident, too.

Yeah, apologize all you want, Red. Just keep your machete on that side of the pool.

He despised one of Grandma Kay Kay' robes because it had a fox on it.

SheShe once fed him a lollipop. Barney: 1. SheShe's hand: 0.

He lived 17 long, gangsta-filled years.

Maximillion {Golden}
Nicknames: Max, Mark, Maxi, Maxers

Max soon filled the void after Barney's passing. He was such a cuddly little golden. SheShe and I got to sleep next to his crate in the kitchen when we first brought him home.

He sat in Barney's spot for years. We always thought Beans was staring down at him. Glaring. Squinting. Judging.

He was such a chill little guy. He watched countless hours of Days of Our Lives, Full House, Clarissa Explains It All, Fresh Prince, 90210, Blossom, Roseanne, Martin, My So Called Life, Golden Girls, Empty Nest and many more stellar shows alongside us. He was a total couch potato.

He rarely barked. Not kidding! Every so often, if something gave him the spooks, he'd let out this ginormous, bottom of the belly-style bark...and then he'd be good for several months. He was perfect!

He saw Sheesh and I through the teen years. Oh, the freaking stories that sweetie could tell!

Maxers passed when I was in my early 20s. No matter your age...damn. Doggies sure make such an imprint on your heart.

Baxter {Golden}
Nicknames: Bax, Baxi, Baxterd

See what my parents did there? A little name combo of Barney + Max...gets you a Baxter! I lived in the Midwest when Bax was brought home. I got to know him (and instantly loved him!) through stories and visits.

He was bat shit crazy!

BARKED like a nut job. At NOTHING!

He'd run around the coffee table at high speed for 4-5 minutes at a time.

He stole food.

He was bigger than Barney and Max COMBINED. The Andre the Giant of his time.

He, too, sat in the same spot as his former "brothers" Beans and Maxi. We always thought that was so neat. Such a fun connection.

For 3 and a half years, he knew the Twinados. The rode him like a horse, styled his hair, propped dolls up against him, invited him to tea parties, snuck treats to him, took over his cage, etc. I'm praying they don't read this post until they're 90 year old ladies enjoying fresh lemonade on a porch swing together in their mu-mus and curlers...because we totally dodged his passing by telling them he went to college to be a professor. Whoops. We freaked! We were weak! Didn't have the heart to explain what happened. {I'll crawl into a hole someday if we're on a college visit and one of them asks if Baxter teaches a course there. #iwilldie}

Roxy {Pitbull}
Nicknames: Roxanne, Foxanne

 Photo shoots run in the family.

This is my fur-niece. SheShe's first daughter! Have to admit - she scared the shiz outta when I first met her. I stereotyped. {Shame on me.} Leading up to our first meeting...I was terrified. I sucked it up and put on a brave face. I was smitten.

She was a little more nosy and forward than the other dogs of my life, but she instantly grew on me.

A few years later, we told her I was expecting twins - her first cousins! That darling dame was my homegirl during pregnancy. Every time I'd see her, she was right by my side. Always walked wherever I walked. Stood guard every step of the way.

The gals eventually adored her. Roxy is the curator of many Twinado masterpieces. Coloring pictures for Roxy was one of the girls' very first hobbies.

When Roxy would visit Baxter, she'd bring her brother Taz along. Taz is a psycho cat. Adorable...but psycho. The 3 of them together was a sitcom in and of itself. We called them The Butterscotch Triplets.

She sleeps in a toddler bed.

Lola-Dee {Husky}
Nicknames: Miss Lola Dee

Aunt Dee needs some help. 

This is my God-dog and namesake {check out that middle name!!!!}. Biffie Ange adopted this Heavenly Husky into her life just 1 year ago. I truly see how much love a dog can add to someone's life. Ange lives over 500 miles away from me...so I'm glad Lola is there to stand in as a BFF and attend Skype visits every now and then.

Scruffy {Sibling}
Nicknames: SheShe

And now...for my favorite pick of the litter? SheShe as a dog named Scruffy for Halloween.

I'm gonna get it for this one.

Tell me about your pups! Leave a comment below or head over to the CD Facie page and let's dish. Don't make me "hound" you! {haha}

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  1. Every child should have a dog. You're lucky to have had so many wonderful ones in your ice!