{Foodee} Savor the Flava!

Happy F-R-I-D-A-Y!

For those CoCo-Nuts practicing a Lenten vibe this month, here's a fun family fave to add to your recipe box: Savory Seafood Linguine.

I'd type out the recipe for you, but I thought I'd let my dad, Big Mike, do the honors. {Check out his stylish writing. Is this dude for real?! #LovelyLeftie} I re-named this little honey over the years because of, ya know, the whole alliteration addiction and all.

He gave me this secret recipe at my Bridal Shower. My sweetie friends + fam showered me with hundreds of recipe cards {#LuckyLady}, and my Dear One decided he wanted to join in. {Oy! He ruins my mascara! I love it.}

Hope you're try this, loves! Feel free to share!

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