{Dee-I-Y} Memory Maps

I know you've seen this little cutie floating around Pinterest and the Blogosphere! Have you tried it yet? I made this a year or so ago and thought I'd share it with you. 

Memories, man! 

It was cheap and simple. {Gotta love when those two words collide, right?!} A perfect way to show love to places that put smiles on your faces.

{Memory Map Supplies}

Maps of your favorite places
Wrapping paper
A frame
Glue stick or double-sided tape
Stencil shape {optional}

Basically, just decide on some special places, cut around them in a desired shape and size, glue them to a gift-wrapped piece of cardboard and place it in a frame. That's all! {I added punny titles to the bottoms of ours just for kicks, typical cheesyness, and extra zhoosh.}

{Map tip!} Remember that part about "cheap" a few paragraphs ago? So, yeah...about that...hop on over to your local AAA if you're a member, and request some for FREE. Boom!

Since we're celebrating St. Pat's Day this week, and because I'm feeling as nostalgic as usual, I'll leave you with this little Irish travel/homey thought today...

Happy Wednesday! {The weekend's almost here, 'peeps!}

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