So there were were...a few hours ago, the Twinados and I were juuuuust about to leave the grocery store without any sweets...and these rude bullies stared us right in the face.

Not much we could do. We were forced to buy them. These newbies taunted us. Cat called out to us from an end cap on Aisle 3. Whistled. Air-smooched. Winked. {The nerve!}

$1.99 and some tax later...these creeps were riding shotgun. We all pinky sweared that we'd wait 'til after dinner to try them. We tried to be good girls...but who are we kidding though? We dug into these beauts as soon as our shiny gladiators hit the garage floor. {Or...well... just until after I could snap a pic of them, lol.}

Buy these, peeps! They're like a Girl Scout Tag-a-long on roids. Peanut butter roids. The PB is on POINT! The cookie in the middle has the right amount of crispy goodness. The chocolate on the outside melts FAST, so don't mess around. Get down to bidness and get down to noshing.

Love ya.
You're welcome.

Just a click on this pic counts as a vote!

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