Tubby Time


Baths for twins.

{Lawd, help us.}

Want to see your kiddos get all Jessie-Spano-I'm-So-Excited-level about taking a bath? I'm here to help. {See? Toldya I love ya!} Hop in your whip. Cruise over to Tar-zhay and walk your Chucks right on over to the Dollar section. Clean out the bin of bath droplets, don't forget to check out, race back to your casa and see what happens. Go 'head. See what happens!

You're not gonna believe your baby blues.

These cuties have the 3 Perfect Ps:

1. Price
2. Packaging
3. Pop 'o color

{Bonus...some even have the holy grail of all Ps...the "Princess" factor.}

Your darlings will think you're cooler than Olaf when you toss these in, and the boring old bubbly bath water turns a sweet shade of seafoam green. Just tell them it's mermaid water! Or, throw in an orange and tell them they'll turn into ZUMA when they hop in. {Bark back at them for added effect, yo.}

#FreakingMagic, I tell ya.

The tabs quickly dissolve and leave no residue on the tub...OR...the kids! I pinky promise, you won't be parents to a group of Smurfs after using these. {But, that would be kind of cute though.}

Big shout out to my friend Kell-Belle for gifting these to the gals for their birthday. I bought out a shelf of these this past weekend, so we're all stocked up now until December. {...of 2018}

Go get 'em, babes!

{You know I wasn't gonna end this post without paying
proper respect to this classic SBTB episode, honey child!}

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