Lunchable Lovin'

It's alllllmost time for KINDERGARTEN!


I can't share my feelings on it...yet. Nope. I can't go down that dark path. {Love and light. Right?!} I'm approaching the thought of it oh-so-bittersweetly. I'm ECSTATIC that my little meatballs are five-and-thrivin! But, my super selfie-selfish side says, boo. Wah. Hiss.

I want my Twinfants back. And, I want them to throw spaghetti at me. And, I want them to snarf laugh at Elmo. And, I want them to hoard Gerber puffs in their cheeks. And, I want their baby Buddah bellies to rock onesies instead of flowery tunics. And, I want them to babble in broken English.

{Is thatta too mucha to aska?!!}

Anyhoo. The time's almost here, and instead of prepping pureed carrots for my dearies, it's time for SCHOOL LUNCHES! My chirpy gals are picky bird eaters. So, we experimented last week with Lunchables, and it worked like a charm! Your homegirl is mighty frugal though, so I decided that maybe if I could find a bento-style container, I could make my own version at home.

Enter: ALADDIN Insulated Kids Snack Kits

{Quite a geenie right there, yo.}

They're perfectly sized, cutely colored and marvelously made. The pics don't really do these products justice, soooooo....I made my very first VIDEO REVIEW for ya! Hope you like it. It's over on the CD Facie page until my YouTube channel is launched. {Stay tuned! Yay!} Tell me what you're planning to do this year for lunches. Thanks in advance for your tips, tricks and time!

Isn't this lunchbox the "cat's" meow? {womp, womp}

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