Root...beer? Nope. Root...CHEER!

Hold up.
Bring over a chair and sit a spell.

A few weeks ago, I finally got a hold of a 6-pack of the latest craze: Not Your Father's Rootbeer. Have you tried it?

Yes? {High-fives}
No?  {High-tail it to the store, child. STAT!}

The name makes me laugh, because it actually IS
my father's kind of rootbeer!

It's beer, flavored like rootbeer. I'm a bandwagon junkie so as soon as I saw this beautiful bevvie floating around the internet, I stalked it like a $5 DVD on Black Friday. Literally. These puppies are FLYING off the shelves over here on the East Coast. I struck it rich in Wegmans one day, because when I rounded the aisle, the delivery guy was juuuuust starting to unload these onto the shelf...

...or rather, into people's carts! I jumped right in line behind about 6 people to wait for this tasty treat. I should have bought a few 6-packs, but at $10.99, I thought I'd better try it first. {I've been known to make a stellar bitter beer face.}

The Hubs was on board and we juuuuust so happened to have some fresh Byrne Dairy Vanilla in the freezer. 2 scoops and a drizzle of this root-bizzle later, we were ready for another. But, we waited because who knows when we'll find this again! Haven't seen it since.

We liked it so much, we brought some to our buddies...at a bounce house birthday party...disguised in pink camo lunch bags...so they could try it later. Not the classiest move on our part, but WE HAD TO MAKE THEM TRY IT!!!! {Love these couples so much!}

If you find this on the shelves, stock up, cuties! It tastes JUST like rootbeer with an extra dose of sass. The creamy yummy addition of ice cream is pretty cray. And, we like it that way!


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