Pumpkin Pie Donuts

Halloween-a-palooza - TAKE 6!
Ya with me still?

Tonight, let's dial it back to June.

It was National Donut Day. Summer was on the horizon, but I was channeling the fall somethin' fierce! An ode to Pumpkin Pie Donuts took the lead that day, and ooooooh did the pic make me want to kick on the fireplace, scoop up some 'nilla ice cream, bust out some footie jams and cozy on down to a Lifetime Movie. {You know you watch them too! Stop it! I won't tell. lol}

These donuts are the quintessential homage to fall. Hearty texture...sugar overload...pumpkin essence. Good 'ol comfort food served easy, cheap and delish. Donut making scares the bajeezie outta me. I don't want to insult one of life's pure goodies! But, alas! Attempting to make them...or something like them...was on my Bucket List, so I happily checked it off one savory sloppy bite at a time.

A click on this pic counts as the vote!

I'm including these in Halloween-a-palooza 2015, because they'd rock right after your lil pumpkins head indoors after Fright Night. Go 'head, give 'em a night of sugar! {Plus, while they're eating these yummies, it gives you more time to steal all of the Snickers from their pails.}

Here is the link to all the deets. I hope you'll try these this month. And, next. And, well, forevs.

Nighty night, pumpkins...

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