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Recently, I heard about Coloring Books for big kids --- {that's US!} I'm in. I want one so bad! Gotta fly my broom over to Target to pick me up a goodie. {Can I find them there?} Total zen is just a few miles away!

I love to color with the Twinados. Like...looooooove it! Math and science were never my strong points {not even CLOSE!}, but Thistle, Burnt Sienna, Mint and Bubblegum? Heck, yes! I can totally make recommendations for which shade to use for Dora's shirt, Twilight Sparkle's mane and Zuma's shield. The thrill of a blank coloring page brings back loads of mems, and I recently heard that coloring books just made it into the Toy Hall of Fame! {Not sure I'd call it a toy, but hey! Right on!}

For today's installment of Halloween-a-palooza 2015, how about we check out a few links for Halloweenish coloring pages? I checked out some legit links on Pinterest - some popular pins and just all around cool selections for you to browse. Click on the pics for dozens of options available on the sites. Enjoy!

{Cool Mom Picks}
Here are 9 print outs from Cool Mom Picks. Let's face it...any site that includes Jack + Sally totally deserves to get top bidding here. Am I right?


{The Kids Coloring Pages}

42 Disney-themed coloring pages for Halloween. Heavy on The Mouse. Just the way ya like it!

I found a pic of  Marie!
I'm sold.

{Reading With Kids}
Color By Numbers --- for the win!

{Lil Luna}
Clean, funky designs with a vintagy vibe. I dig it!

Adult Halloween Pages. Nice!

This one looks like the cat's meow. {womp womp}

Keep it colorful, kids!

Just a lil click on the pick counts as the vote!
High fives and thanks!

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