Three to the One

And, on the 8th day...

As a thankful smooch to all of you for tuning in to {Halloween-a-palooza 2015} this month, how about we pep up the frightful fun by giving away some...


{The Deets}
Guess how many mini candy bars are squished inside this adorable {Oh Snap} bin, and YOU could be the lucky CoCo-Nut to take her home! The person who comes closest to the number without going over, WINS! In the event of a tie, I'll put all correct guesses into Classtools.net and our winner will be chosen at random. The contest will end on the CD Facie Page on Saturday, 10/10, at midnight. {Ohhhhh midnight! The spookiest!}

While you're thinking of your guess, how about I show you some bewitching beauties by Thirty One that are PERFECT for this season! Remember my darling biffie {Kell-Bell} who hosted our very FIRST giveaway? Well, that Cutie Consultant is going to share with us some goodies she has in stock for all your Gorgeous Goblins.

{Cinch Sacs}

Kell says:
Tired of all those plastic bags that tear or plastic buckets that break? Carry your ghoulish goodies in style with a personalized trick-or-treat Cinch Sac bag! Your little monsters will be able to carry them right on their back as they do the mash from house to house. And best of all, they can be used year after year and personalized just for them! 

Dee says: Genius alert! Kiddos planning on a Halloween Party at school? Send their costume in one of these gems or a change of clothes. Could also be fun gifts for their favorite teachers!

Click the pic to browse  Kell's Thirty One page!

{Large Utility Tote}

Kell says: Store your Halloween decorations in style! Add a Top-a-Tote to keep everything inside securely covered and safe from spilling out! 

Dee says: If you don't own one of these life changing jewels, please get 7 immediately. Then, order another 5 just for good measure. {Put towels in these and take them to the pumpkin patch fields!}

{Littles Carry-All Caddy}

Kell says: Perfect little caddy for displaying all that candy! All the little ghosts and goblins will love picking out their treats from this terrific tote. Or, how about using it as a spooky candy dish for your home?!

Dee says: The uses for these lil guys are endless. Having a Halloween Haunt? Put your utensils and straws in a few of these. Or, line them with napkins, toss in some orange Cheetos, and park 'em on tables for centerpiece munchies.

Welp! That's about it for tonight! Contact my gal Kell at her direct link {click here!} for any 31 needs! GHOULd luck with the {Oh Snap} bin giveaway...and tell your friends! The more interest we gain for giveaways...the more YOU could win!

{...annnnd it looks like I've used up all of my exclamation points for the day.}

{Thanks to Kell for providing the Thirty One pics. Also, for Bloggy-land legalities, I must share a disclaimer that Facebook is not connected to my contest. FB is just my fave social medium with which to connect with my vivacious viewers.}

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