So, today was a whirlwind kind of day {more on that later! crazy news to share!} - but I don't want to skip a day of Halloween-a-palooza 2015. SO!!!!!!...for our 9th post, I am going to highlight one of my area's oldie goldie landmarks.

{Switz's}... The name alone can make any Central New Yorker weak in the knees. The charm! The coziness! The comfort! I'd say this is Hobby Lobby's Great Grammie. {Heavy on the GREAT!}

Fond this treasured pic on syracusenostalgia.com

I fondly remember CoCo + Big M. taking She She and I to Switz's during chilly October days when we were wee lil goblins. Always there to greet us at the front door was an ogre named Oscar. Although one would think this mean looking monster would creep the sheezie out of little pumpkins - the sis and I were not normal. {Not in the least!} We thought he was funny - with a hint of Fraggle Rock in him, no? A dracula in a coffin {"Count"} used to have this VIP front entrance spot, but this darlin' 14-foot friend is who we remember the most. Rumor has it that he went up on eBay and eventually held a spot in someone's backyard. I have yet to confirm this gossip...or the address of the super lucky house!

Another gem from syracusenostalgia.com!

Our fam loved to head over to this All Hallows Eve Headquarters for decorations, crafts and costumes, but looking at all of the displays was the real treat here! Looking back, the vintage vibe was OFF THE CHARTS --- although we didn't know it at the time! lol Check out one of the adorable seasonal ads. It's sure to stir up some old timey feelings.

Simple sweetness.

The Annual Coloring Contest had all the kiddos scrounging for the oranges and blacks in the crayon bin. You never knew what design was going to show up each year, but you knew you had to bring your best to try to beat out all the rest!

Syracusenostalgia.com strikes gold again!

Sadly, this sweet spot is no longer, but now lives on in treasured memory. Today, we raise our gargoyle glasses and cheers to {Switz's}. Something so fab can surely never be forgotten.

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