Heck yes it deserves all caps. In my opinion {and, you know I'm gonna share it!}, this music video is skeleton hands down, one of the BEST videos ever created. It was like a mini movie. I couldn't look away! From the first sound of creepy breathing mixed with frog ribbits and a slow moving car...you know what's about to go down.

That first scene - the classic boy/girl love story, drop top, varsity jacket, running out of gas, NIGHT. The frightful factor builds from the first flash of Michael's smile. I'd get nervous with each step these two lovebirds would take as they walked down the moonlit path.

And when he turns into the werewolf? BAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Even today, I do that whole "I'm gonna look for a second, then look away, then look back, then look away again real quick so I don't see the whole scene" kind of move. Eeeeek! {How cute and vintage is the cinematography?!}

...then it cuts to a movie theatre. D'oh! Fooled. OR SO WE THINK!!

At 4:13, things start to get down to biz. Finally. Waiting for MJ's dance moves makes me cranky! Anyhoo. Do any of you laugh as they walk away from the movie theatre...and MJ sings to the girl? Not sure it would be as cool if anyone else was serenading a girl as she walked down the street.

Her outfit. #Gorge

Don't get me started at 6:31 - the graveyard scene with the creepster voice overhead? YIKES, man!!!!!!!!! Stay in the crypt.

But...8:32? You know every single one of you will bust out that move if someone says the word Thriller to you. Don't lie! You know you pop that shoulder with the best of em. If you had even 1 ounce of rhythm back in the 80s, you know darn well you tried some of MJ's killer moves. From the first beat of the song, you know exactly what tune it is. Even today, when I hear the first bit of the melody, I get all googly eyed.

Go on with your bad self.

10:49 - nice try, sweetheart. Run into the scariest house on the block. {She has a smart fashion sense, but oy, mama!}

Here's the house in the day light!
Visit it in Los Angeles. Click the pic for deets! 

11:57 - now, that's it. THAT'S. It. That face/scene/laugh/stance? That's a legacy right there. How wicked clever can one singer be? Bravo, Mr. Jackson. Bravo.

Keep it Thrilling, kids.

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Love yous.

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