Halloween's a HOOT!

How about we pep up this Halloween-a-palooza 2105 with a lil SPARKLE, shall we?! You down? Oh, you know I'm down, honey!

The other day, I received a surprise TREAT of All Hallows Eve treats: some {Origami Owl} spoiling. Oh my! There it was, all snuggled nicely in my mailbox inside a pretty pumpkin orange envelope and matching chic card.

This dress! #Want.

That darling Jenny-Jen.

You know who that sassyface is! That lil angel strikes again. Right in the middle of an ordinary October, Miss J brought me a smile as wide as a goofy, off-centered, 2-toothed Jack-o-Lantern! {Goodness, I feel blessed.}

The skully with the bow. I die! 

J she sent me the latest Halloween charms for my Origami locket. Have you seen these holiday cuties? Look at the details on these darlings. That witch alone makes me want to bust out some green and white striped tights! The haunted house makes me want to watch a spooky movie. The candy corn? I need a snack! {J's friend Danielle runs and O2 biz. Want to grab a few of your own? Click here for the deets!}

Just a click on this pic counts as a vote!
Smooches and thanks!

I have no words! Truly. I just sit here with an outstretched bottom lip, almost on the verge of weepy, while thinking of this lovely friend 'o mine. What a cool gal. A goldenhearted, uplifting, cheerfully cool gal.

So, today...in honor of J, I'm renaming today. It's {JENNY SUNDAY}, guys and ghouls! Let's lift up our end of the weekend ice cream bowls, scoops of buttery popcorn and glasses of yummy vino to toast to one of the world's nicest jewels. Her heart shines brighter than any diamond I've ever seen.


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