A Candy Buffet for a Halloween Par-tay

Candy Buffets?
Whaddaya say?

Last year, we threw together a Halloween Party for some of our fab friends at the last minute. They were sweet enough to stop by and humor us for a few hours. {Love dem!} They sure were good sports to support their loony friends and their mission to paint the world orange and black! We lucked out with some INCREDIBLE fall weather. It landed in the super high 70s. WHAT?!! We're not sure what we did to deserve that lil slice 'o luck, but we are definitely still thankful for that treat.

One of the Twinados' first requests for their besties was...{CANDY}...and lots of it. {Ask, and you shall receive, pretty pumpkins!}

Here's how to toss together a {Candy Buffet} in a jiffy...

  • The lil monsters will love a short table.
  • Toss over an orange linen if you're willing and able.
  • Buy plastic Dollar Store bowls for the day.
  • Don't forget Party City scoops in silver or grey.
  • Buy a 5x7 for the table name.
  • Put some quirky titles in mini frames.
  • Need a pennant? Target is your place.
  • Add in a ghost decoration with a goofy face.

  • A big bowl of popcorn adds a nice salty dash.
  • Candy corn adds some nice vintage sass.
  • Mix up your menu with sugary fun.
  • Alliteration for names...then you're almost done!
  • Don't forget bags. Paper will do.
  • Keep extras on hand. Go you!

Stay sweet!

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Luv ya mucho!

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