McDonald's Halloween Pails

I'm an old soul. Vintage to the max. So, tonight, I'mma keep it plain and simple. No fuss no muss. Just a throwback to discuss!

I just want to tell ya that for me, old school is cool. {Ya dig?} So, what better time to put a few vintage vixens in the spotlight than during the 5th episode of Halloween-a-palooza 2015?!!!!

Who remembers these Honeys of Halloween? Pure...simple...1986-ish McDonald's Halloween Pails. McBoo, McGhost, McWitch, etc!!!! A cheeseburg and fries with a side 'o Coke? {#YASSSplease} Just looking at this pic gives me goosebumps...and I can hear myself and SheShe cackling with excitement as CoCo and Big M. coasted through the drive-thru to gift us with these darlins.

Sure, the superhero and princess pails of recent are adorbs and all, but just ask 99% of 30-somethings about the feelings they get when they see this trio. Takes ya to a time that's surely a treat!

Night, night.

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Wuv ya!

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