{Dee-I-Y} Upcycled Entertainment Center

By now, chances are you've seen one of these precious lil puppies on Pinterest already. A friend of mine recently posted about one she sassied up, and it reminded me of the one we made for the Twinados about a year and a half ago. I’m not the first broad at this zhoosed-up rodeo, but I wanted to share what I did, so I won’t be the last! Make one! Join the Upcycle Movement. You’re gonna love it. {I hope.}


Growing up, I fondly remember CoCo, RoRo and KayKay {say that 10 times fast!} always encouraging SheShe and I to play dress up. Make-believe was always cheered on, and no matter which Grandma’s house we visited, there were always fun supplies ready for stylin! High heels with poofy feathers, bossy boas, nifty necklaces, bold baubles – you name it, they had it. I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about doilies. Yep. Doilies. {Yep. The ones you're thinking of.} I’m not sure why Sheesh and I were so fascinated by them, but they were the holy grail of the dress-up bin. {We’re still waiting for them to break in to the fashion scene. It's totes gonna happen someday!}

Sweet Jesus...is there a fox on my shoulder?

{Psst...Does anyone remember those photo sticker captions from way back in the day?! Lawd, I'm old!}

Enough about doilies {and that weird vision of me in a Miller Lite hat and 4 layers of sweatshirts making it look like I'm smuggling a Honeybaked ham}…I’ll cut to the chase and move on to when we first found out we were on Team Pink! {March 15th, to be exact.} A soon as that sweet sono tech turned that monitor around, my heart damn near skipped a beat. {TWO beats!}  Thoughts of another generation of sistas creating their own little runways for fashion shows made me instantly misty-eyed.

A lone pack of sparkle plastic play jewelry quickly waltzed its way into my Kohls cart that night, and the rest is twistory. One tiny purchase soon turned into a handful of crowns, a few sets of fairy wings and several shiny superhero capes {heavy on the extra felt masks}. A wee collection for my cuties commenced while they were still only just wombmates...

All that's missing is their Aunt's lace babushka!

Our first few weeks with Twinfants will always remain a happy blur for me + The Hubs…but I genuinely remember sitting across from Sheesh one afternoon in that blur thinking...hmm! Well! So here we are, sis. Visiting. {We're so grown up! Ahh!} I'm a Mommy. You're an Auntie. And, there just so happen to be 2 tutus sitting over there in a bin, whispering to us. Calling out to us.

We locked eyes. One girl for you, one girl for me. Real live dolls. Let's play!

When the chicklets' gear started to overflow a few years later, I skipped over to Craigslist to see if I could score a cheapie entertainment center. It took just a few minutes, and there she was! Only FIFTEEN {freaking} beans! Insane. I sent The Hubs + Big M. to make the deallio while I prepped the paint at home. We used leftover colors from each girl's bedroom walls and Tar-zhay supplied the bins. Boom.

{How to make an Upcycled Entertainment Center}

That's pretty much how ya do it, in a nutshell! I've seen parents place fabric behind any open areas for a little pop...and I've also seen peeps line shelves with patterned contact paper. {Adorable, any way ya see fit!} Sending big props to the person who originally thought of this. I envision that Einstein sitting across from a broke down t.v. stand, standing up with an open can of paint and accidentally tripping into it. So happy that light bulb went off for that clutzy genius!

Have you done this project? Share your pics with us!

Until next time...

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