Black Velvet If You Please

Happy New Year!!!!!!

I'm back at rambling blogging, so I hope you'll stay with!

Whatcha been up to? You ready to take Sixteen by storm? Good! Buckle up, because I have a honey of a hurricane to tell you about. {Velvet Hangers.}

I can't. Even. Deal!

We can all relate to the following nightmare-ish photos, but I want to share with you how to kick these Felicia-style scenarios to the curb. These images are not safe for the faint at OCD heart.

The Circle of Life. Where one begins...one ends?

Girl fight. 

Excuse me gorgeous, can I cut in? 

Red for the win.

Man down.

It's like they're gossiping about the one to the far left.


Over the holidays, I kept hearing about "Joy" - the movie based on the HSN powerhouse, Joy Mangano, and I remembered she is the brains behind the almighty {Huggable Hangers}. This lightbulb moment coincided with my organizational plans for 2016. Zhooshing up my closet had been sitting pretty at the tippy top of my list.

Now, I love the nice workout I get each time I try to unhook hangers from fist fights each morning. But, while the bicep lovin' is mucho appreciated, it's sooooo yawn-worthy. Terrible time-waster! The concept behind these Huggable Hangers seemed to be a total knockout, and I wanted it right on my side of the ring.

{A few facts}...

  • They're slim.
  • They're lightweight.
  • The hooks can swivel.
  • Velvet coating provides a non-slip grip.
  • Clothes will hang level for easier  selection.
  • The shape forms to your garments.
  • It's designed to also hang pants. 

Sign me right up, Joy!!!! I checked out a few YouTube reviews for her name brandies, and then naturally high-tailed it to Google to see if I could find a deallio on them.

I did! But...I wanted to save even more moolah. So, I checked out some comparables. While a set of leopard-printed gems made me weak in the knees, and Miz M's hot pinkies looked adorbs...a few sets of black velvet beauties from Better Homes and Gardens are now the newest members of our famiglia.

Here is what they look like. I scored a set of 30 for $12.88 right at my local Wal-Mart. Best price I could find...and for those that know me well, I searched to the ends of the web to provide this research. {There might be even better cheapies out there, but I factored in convenience...a.k.a. impatience!...as well. I didn't want to pay for shipping and the possibility of having to send these back if they didn't strike my fancy.}

Hey there! How's it...hangin?

Real Talk: here's a {before} snapshot of my faves. A little rough around the top edges, eh? Just a buncha Daisy Fuentes prints tryin' to step to a Vera Wang army. {Shudder.}

See you peach floral. Get back in line.

As I started to tidy this tango, I discovered many treats. I looked at each dress and reminisced about an event it was attached to. {Gave me all da feels.} I was able to pitch a few that just aren't my thang anymore. {Gave me plans to donate.} I laughed at some "what was I thinking" prints. {Gave me agita.} And...one of my fave findings...was a new dress! {Gave me some future dinna plans.}

Oh, hey there, sweets. 

As I started to reorganize, the line-up started to look like this. Clean...crisp...cute! Stuff 'o dreams, ya'll. #haha

Two are twisted. They're still just getting to know each other.

Getting better! Time to soon spread out. 

I squished these dresses together just to show you the chunk of space I was able to gain with these goodies. I've since spread these out for easier scanning. {Hmmmmm...who has a Kohls 30% code on hand? hehe}

Geesh. What did that floral robe say?

Final thoughts? Buy 'em. Someday I'll spring for some genuine JMs, but for now, BH&G is totally having a moment ova here. I'm now off to new adventures. Seeking help for my dear dress obsession {#Obdression}...and...

...saying bye to this bunch of Felicias. 

Thanks and love if you click this pic above! 

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