Babblings, Big Girls and Bottle Drying Racks


I'm crushin' on you so far, sweetcheeks!

I've been telling friends and fam that I'm welcoming this year with a wide-eyed, chillaxin' and relaxin' view. I'm kicking back, goin' with the flow and not taking things too seriously {not that I ever have, lol}.

It has been so freeing!

Basically, I found myself on the XS end of a clearance rack in the Target Girls section before Christmas...and I felt a little breathless for a second. So, I gave myself a little pep talk about time. Where did my teeny tiny twosome go?!

I typically shop a few sizes ahead to be ready to rock 'n roll when growth spurts take center stage...but WHAT THE FEEZIE?!!!! I gasped when I looked down at my now shaky arm -  covered with lovely soft pink leather jackets, non-footie pajammies, flowy skirts with NO attached bloomers and athletic gear. Yep. "Performance" zip-ups, for God's sake! Champion. {Stahhhhp.}

I said stahp.

I suddenly wanted to sprint right the H back over to the Circo romper display. Gimme back dem bonnets! {Pretty please.} I want onesies! {Now.} Look me in the eye, you 3-pack 'o bibs!!!! {Don't be shy, honey.}

Oh, Carter's 3-pack. You're so fresh 'n fly.

How in the crap did we get here already?

My current Twinkles then flashed in front of my eyes, and I saw how elementary-aged dimples have taken the place of wittle baby chipmunk cheeks. Barbie has given Barney the boot. Gerber puffs were Bye Felicia'd by Rold Golds many Fridays ago. Elmo has turned in to just a mere googly-eyed acquaintance. Jars of sweet potatoes have been replaced with curly fries and nuggs.

Yada, yada, yada...
So bittersweet.

It's wonderfully exciting to see these little butterflies spread their wings, but on a daily basis, I can't help but miss cuddling them in their smooshy wooshy swaddled cocoons. So, yep. Semi-new outlook for your 'ol pal over here. Born right smack in the middle of a Jr. Mossimo display.

I've always lived religiously by the "live in the moment" Mommy mentality... {spontaneous dance parties, Taylor Swift sing-a-longs before school, bracelet making before bed time, etc.}...so it's time to do even MORE of it...but at an even slower pace. No more rushing around. No more over-scheduling. No more keeping up with the Kardashians. {That last one is just a metaphor. I have E! network on loop, yo.}

Just good 'ol fashioned marchin' to the beats of our own drums. It's gonna be a Sweet '16!

{Product review time}

Glimpses of our twinfants are still bouncing around the house to keep our hearts a flutter.  Here's one of our faves...The Boon Grass Countertop Bottle Drying Rack.

We once used these beauties to keep track of alllll the itty bitty baby bottle stuff. {Caps, rings, bases, etc.} They came in SO handy that we couldn't bear to part with them after our chicas said sayonara to Similac.

The gist? Here it is. A bunch of sturdy plastic points allow you to keep an eye on strangely-sized kitchen accessories as they dry - you know the kind -  the doodads that don't fit quite right in the dry side of the sink. They prevent garbage disposal whoopsies with the quickness!

{I just said doodads. Told ya I'm a vintage soul, ya whippernsappers.}


These drying racks are sold in small and large sizes. We have 2 small versions stacked side by side, but the large is a boss. If one of these bad boys ever bust, I'm totes getting big poppa. They'll cost you around $14 for a small and $20 for a large.

Doodads on point.

Tarzhay hooked us up with these beauts, but you can def find them elsewhere...with even cooler attachments...like little stems and twigs and flowers and such. So, get shoppin' sweeties.

Big thanks for letting me jump on my soap box today. Do you have any baby items you've upcycled at your casa? Tell me about 'em!

Thanks and love...if you click above!

P.S...Oh, yes! I'd love some cheese with my whine today.
{Havarti please.}

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