The Worst Witch

Ok, loves, so I like to tell it like it is. I like my truth served straight up, hardcore, direct and to the point. Pulling punches? No, not I.

So, when I say I'm a true-blue, die-hard, faithful fan of {The Worst Witch}, you know which side of the broomstick I'm coming from. {I'm keepin' it real.} Friends and family have heard me yell on my spooky soap box about the eeeeerily similarities between this classic tale...and one that just so happened to take the world by wizardry storm.

Now that my thoughts have gone somewhat "live" - I'm not in the bidness for stirring up a cauldron of trouble. No "popular" author needs to come knocking on my door because I am about to throw some shade. I'm simply going to state several hypotheses so you can realize just how mighty Mildred Hubble's shenanigans can be as an influential story line.

Will I name that other series? Nope. I'll let you figure it out, my sweeties. If I "spell" it out, things could get a bit "Harry" - so I'll just highlight my favorite parts of TWW, and leave it at that. So, here we go...

Let's dial it back to 1986. Me and Sheesh were young little Switches {Sister Witches! lol} with a love for the big H combo: Halloween...and HBO. CoCo and Big M. always let us tune in for a show. When we stumbled upon {The Worst Witch}, we were immediately entranced.

  • Young gal
  • Witch academy
  • A castle
  • Accents!
  • A duel
  • A principal
  • Flying lessons
  • A Halloween Celebration 
  • Animal sidekick
  • Potions
  • Magic
  • A rival
  • BFFs
  • A scary-mean teacher
  • Girl turns into a pig

Babies' First Scary Movie

We were such weird kids. We should have been watching Romper Room {whatevs...they never said my name}, crafting, coloring, having sibling fights... but instead, we'd live to see TWW's name flash across TV Guide.

I digress.

Just a lil click on the pic counts as the vote!

We didn't know it at the time, but this movie was based off a series of children's books... written and illustrated... by Jill Murphy. The first book was published in 1974. {AHEM. 1974!!!!!!} The movie starred Fairuza Balk ya'll. As in...NANCY...from The Craft! Miz Balk played Mildred - goofy young girl at a witch academy/ keeps messing things up/ the principal's mean sister wants to destroy the school/there's a Halloween party lingering in the distance/ magic is everywhere....and TIM CURRY is the freakin' Grand Wizard.

You guys.

TIM CURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you heard this storyline recently? Hmm. Let's not deny the giant orange and black elephant in the room! Stand up for #MildredHubbleAwareness #Word

You standin' yet?

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