Betty Crocker's Pumpkin Bar Mix

What's that you say? Company just surprised you on your doorstep right smack in the middle of Pumpkin Season?


You stocked with snacks, sweetie? You "Betty" your Crocker you are now! Here's a tip for a SUPER quick 'n tasty autumn treat. Semi-homemade is totes in!

Make sure your pantry has a nice lil supply of this beautiful BC mix on hand. No fuss, no muss. Bada bing bada boom. Fire up that frosting decorator gun, spritz on some cream cheese frosting stars, and you're ready to cozy it up on the couch with some gossip and gabbing. No need to slave over a stove or hover on the oven when Betty can help save the day!

Don't forget some vanilla ice cream. I mean...seriously!

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