Easter Endorsements

Last week, I stopped by the Easter Candy aisle and realized there are such crazy cool candies these days. Have you seen what's out there?!! Hybrids! Fusions! It's neat.

I fully know that the sweets are not the reason for the season...but it's always a nice little bonus to receive some tiny treats on Super Sunday. Back in the old days, big hollow choco bunnies and Palmer's bunny coins/eggs were the real deal Holyfield. Don't even get me started on those gumballs shaped like eggs. {Bah!} CoCo + Big M always made sure I had a big bag of Just Born jelly beans {ahem...the BEST ones on the planet.}...and SheShe would let me have the purple ones from her bag.

She loves me.

My best 2-year-old Easter Egg Hunt game face. 

During my stroll in Aisle 6 with the Twinados, we stumbled across the following yummies...and we're looking forward to scrounging through stores this week to buy these for cheap! Ya'll know I'm a foodie {FooDee!...to be exact}...but these days, I'm starting to make a few more healthier eating choices. {Super weird, I know. More about this subject in juuuust a few days!} I am still going to snag a few of these interesting finds so I can sneak one every now and then just for kicks.

So, here we go! In no particular order...I'm fully endorsing these sunshiney smidgens of sugar:

It took you this long to figure this out? Tsk, tsk Reese's.

This is no laughing matter!

The grape ones.


The inventor is a total Swede-heart.

Oh, stop it!

I have a crush.

Remember putting the candy version in Zima? #Late90s #Holla



Way cool.

Stop flirting.

Where's my credit card?

What makes your Easter basket blush? Tell me!

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