{Dee-tales} Roses are Red...My Apron is Blue

It's pretty much official....

Please tell me you've heard of them! I'm all lovey dovey right now about Blue Apron, so you know what that means! Grab a snack, kick up those Manolos and put that cellie on mute, darlin'. Mama's got a tale to tell!

{The Story}

Several months ago, I heard about this colorfully-named company while browsing through YouTube. Somehow it made its way onto other social media outlets, my interest was peaked and the rest is history. {You know how I do.} I added 'Ol Blue to my Bucket List and moved her right toward the top.

{The Scenario}

Blue Apron is a seriously cool, ready-to-cook meal delivery service. Its foundation is to make life easy peasy for you. {I'm quite sure of that!} They take the guesswork out of chow time by sending you perfectly-portioned, chef-inspired, fabulously FRESH meals right to your doorstep. Our first package was a complete ray of sunshine on a rainy Friday afternoon.

See how she is totally ignoring those rain spots? #adorbs

{The Steps}

Ordering up your own helping of happiness is just a few clicks away. First, browse the bright + beautiful Menu section of their website and let the pictures speak for themselves! Once your belly starts to make you a little hangry {Oh, I'm not judging, sugar-pie. Right there with you.} pop on over to the Learn More section {You know you want to!}, take a video tour of this uber neat meal planning concept and study up on other super fly details. Next, saunter over to the Market page and buy a little "just because I love you" present for your kitchen. Finally, wrap up your little trip by visiting the Pricing page. Here, you can choose which option floats your boat.

{The Selection}

You can choose a 2-person or 4-person plan. Based on your choice, you can then pick how many meals you'd like to receive each week. Shipping is totes FREE and you can skip a week/cancel at any time. No strings attached! If you're even slightly interested in giving this gem a try, select the 2-person plan to test the waters. Invite me over the week after though, because I know you'll soon want to have enough on your table for 4! {I'll bring the vino!}

{The Surprise}

Once we selected the 2-person meal option, we were asked to list our dietary preferences. {Well, thank you, BA. So caring!} We chose beef, chicken and fish...but there is an option to change these choices in future shipments. The menu changes each week based on seasonal ingredients, and Blue's Menu section and Facebook page {Click Here!} both give you a little sneak peak into what's in store for ya. It's always different! Always. This is a nice change of pace from our fam's good 'ol weekly stand-bys: Breakfast for Dinner {Pancake Night!}, Sketti {Little Italy Night}, Nuggs + Fries {Dance Class/Scandal's on in just a few hours Night}.

{The Shipment}

Ordering was easy and our box arrived RIGHT on time! Ours happened to show up on a weekend when our brother-from-another-mother {Kev!} was visiting from Michigan. He pulled up to our driveway juuuuust when I was turning the corner and the FedEx truck was driving away. Who the heck do we run toward first? The Twinados' Godfather or that 15lb. cutie cardboard beauty sitting on the top step? {Bah!} That scene was just way too good to be true! {Kev won...but Blue, you were totally a close second, doll. I swear.}

Anyhoo! Opening the box was like Christmas morning...but instead of visions of sugarplums dancing in my head...they were nicely nestled in insulated packing and set on top of 8 ice compartments.

Seeing all of those specially-picked, healthy ingredients snuggled all together on our table was so much fun. So gourmet! So fancy schmancy!


Included with the delightful delicacies were a welcome letter and 3 gorgeously detailed recipe cards. The description of the dishes practically JUMPED off the pages. Love, love, LOVE the step-by-step instructions.

{The Sizzle}

We decided to first make Short Rib Burgers on Pretzel Buns with Hoppy Cheddar Sauce and Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds. Those precious little rolls had us at hello!

{Ahem} Nice buns. 

Here are some of the ingredients that went with it. Everything had a lovely label.

I can't even handle the adorableness of this little splash of Heavy Cream. Can't even deal. See for yourself!...

Look at the color of THESE sweeties. Are they even for real?

I went all Rachael Ray-ish when they asked me to slide the leaves off the fresh thyme stems. I always thought it was so neat when she'd do this on her show. I'm usually a .99-cent dried seasoning bottle kind of gal, so this was such a fun twist.


We were certain that we'd have to add ingredients from our fridge. SURELY they wouldn't send us something like the cutest block of cheese in the known land, right? "Oh, Shirley, you jest," said Blue Apron...

The Hubs helped with the short rib burgs. I love that he's just as smitten with the kitchen as I am. He's sooooo longing for grill season so this was such a nice treat for him. The whole process took us about 30 minutes. It might have gone even faster, but we kept referencing the recipe cards to be SURE we followed everything to a T!

Here's how it turned out!

{The Savor}

I stole a sweet potato disc and thought I'd clean up a few things before heading to the table. Before I knew it, The Hubs wolfed his entire burger. Every last onion. Every last ooey gooey drop of hops-infused cheese. Every last bit of pretzel dough goodness. He stared at mine. {Sigh.} I took a tiny bite and packed it up for his lunch the next day. {Him and those ridiculous doe eyes!!!} In that tiny smidge I was able thief, I tasted a mouthwatering, super juicy burger smothered in unique gourmet cheese, topped with crispy reds and smoothly capped off with a crunchy, yet chewy bun. #Perfection. #WifeyOfTheYear

{The Skinny}

Blue Apron meals range from 500-700 calories per plate...so there's PLENTY of room for dessert! {A girl's gotta have her red velvet, honey. Right?}

{The Sweet Spot}

The Hubs grew up on a farm and he comes from a LONG line of farmers. While he ended up taking a financial/accounting path, he will always have a huge soft spot in his heart for another kind of field. My dear brother-in-law is a farmer, so we appreciate the lengths Blue Apron goes to in order to partner with local purveyors. The Learn More section of the BA website even highlights their suppliers and their operations. {Nice touch!}

T-1: Mom's so...corny.    T-2: I find her to be rather a-maze-ing, actually.

{The Scraps}

Wondering what we did with all the packaging? Well, we recycled, of course!

{The Sadness}

The only thing we were missing was a darn BLUE apron!!! Tsk, tsk on moi. Looks like I better get back in the game and buy one for the next round! {By the way...BA's name was inspired by the apron color worn by apprentice chefs in France because it stands as a symbol of a lifelong learning in cooking. True story.}

{The Summary}

So! I’m giving Blue Apron the official CoCo’s Daughter Seal of Approval...which is a high-five, batty eyes, a hug and a smoochie wooch on both cheeks. As a busy mom of active Guidettes, I’m always trying to find ways to cut down time in la cucina, while at the same time trying to pep up our plates...so Blue Apron will definitely come to the rescue every now and then. We’re planning to call on Blue Apron if our schedules call for it...and especially when the in-laws are in town {Hi GoGo + Papa!}. It just makes sense!

{The Steal}

Blue Apron is offering 100 lucky CoCo-Nuts a deallio! The first 100 readers who'd like a discount code for 2 FREE meals with their Blue Apron box... can CLICK HERE to activate a special link. You'll save some mighty moolah on your first order...if you are a first time customer!

Mangia, Mangia loves!

{Extra special THANKS to Blue Apron for this opportunity to review your marvelous meals...and double thanks for being so kind to my CoCo-Nuts!}


  1. We are waiting for the winter to be over here in New England and then will be joining a farm co-op to get fresh produce, but this is a great idea for the winter months when we don't have much coming in next year. I am going to have to check this out. Thank you! This is great for the hubby and me, but the picky 5 year old will be the real judge next year!

    1. Hi Nikki! Ohhh, this winter, I tell ya! If we get any sunshine any time soon, I'll be sure to end some your way! So glad you're going to look into this idea. Looking forward to "dishing" about what goodies you receive if you end up ordering. I really like your blog - such refreshing reads. Consider me a fan!