Salmon Says

Today's my Grandma RoRo's birthday!

It's also Meal Plannin' Monday!

In honor of this double doozie, I thought I'd share one of Ro's favorite meals with you: FISH!
She loves any and every kind.

Perfect Lenten timing, right?!

Ro's the Grammie whose pantry was always stocked with Ramen noodles, Charles Chips, pistachios and 100% Ocean Spray Cran + ginger ale. She's also the Gram who once accidentally put oregano on our ice cream because she thought she grabbed chocolate jimmies. She makes a mean honey sesame chicken and although I don't eat them, I hear her authentic "pigs-in-the blanket" are the real deal. She hides peanut butter swirls and cocoa puffs inside rice krispy treats. She showed me the beauty of adding crumbly blue cheese high atop an oil + vinegar salad. She's the Sweetie who'd sneak us to McDonald's, and she'd pay extra to get us the "Grand" part of the Ponderosa buffet.

She's adorable.

My sis and cousin Reggie will agree: her "dunking" eggs and perfectly browned toast {cut in strips or diagonals} could make a grown man cry! {Therefore, they deserve their own line in this story.} Up until a few years ago, Ro served all of our favorites on these Corelle gems in the signature Crazy Daisy pattern. I was thoroughly blessed when she gifted them to me...but it took me a few years to take them out of the box! I was so worried I'd break them...but ya know what? She told me I was nuts and just to knock it off. {So, I did!} I broke 'em out, made room for them in the cupboards and they've made my family's meals happier ever since.

'Ol school is so cool.

Homegirl played an executive role in my quirky foodie upbringing, so I need to take a minute to explain her one true food love: seafood. Her favorite meal is a fried fish dinner from one of our local supermarkets. If she's not answering her home phone or cell phone, we know we have about a 15 minute window to get worried. {That's how long it takes her to drive there, park, place her order, check out and go back home.} We've been tempted to call and have her name announced over the loud speaker, but we let her get business done, and we creep on her shortly after.

We don't really get her any other gifts besides gift cards to buy more fried fish dinners. We know she'll be fed, we know she'll be happy, we know she's the easiest person to shop for. So! In honor of Ro's love of fish, her birthday, and the season of Lent, here is a recipe to plan on for this Friday.

"Salmon" say this one's a keeper!

{Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon}

2 salmon filets {fresh/thawed}
salt + pepp
3T brown sugar
4T creamy Dijon mustard
1 T soy sauce
Cooking spray

Heat oven to 425. Place foil around your pan. Spray cooking spray all over the bottom, and sprinkle salt + pepp all over the bottom. Place your salmon in the pan, and sprinkle salt + pepp over the top.

Toss it into the oven for 10 minutes.

{Glaze} While the fish is cooking, place the brown sugar, mustard and soy sauce into a sauce pot on medium. Whisk frequently. Bring it to a boil and immediately set aside.

When the salmon has baked for 10 minutes, take it out of the oven and place it aside. Do not flip the fish. Leave it as-is. Brush the glaze all over the tops.

Pop it back into the oven on High BROIL for 2 minutes.

{Side Dish} We like to eat rice with this yum yum. We'll add a Sriracha Mayo on top of the rice...just mix a good amount of mayo with a splash or two of Sriracha. Start with the Sriracha in small amounts until you get the "heat" just right. That's it!


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