{Foodee} OREOverload

It's National OREO Cookie Day!

You know we HAVE to celebrate, right?

Bust out the chocolate and head on over to Kraft to serve up some ridiculousness tonight. I tested out their Oreo Cake recipe a few years ago, and we save it for those days that could use a liiiiiittle bit of extra chocolatey goodness. Ever have those kinds of days?

Hope you'll try this! {Here is my version}...

Note: The only thing I added to make it "mine" was a cup of chocolate chips and a swirl of Hershey's syrup to the cake batter. Oh...and extra Oreos on top for extra zhoosh. I used them as a guide when cutting slices! Also, I crushed up some extra cookies to line the base.

Click here for the original recipe from Kraft!

Until next time...

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