Halloween...Know What I Mean?


Happy 10th month of the year, my pretties!
It's finally here. {Good golly, she's finally HERE!}
31 whole days of orange and black beauty.

I die.

I've made a ghoul...err, I mean a GOAL!...to post at least something Halloweeny every single day of this marvelous month. This holiday speaks to my soul. It hugs my heart. Enchants my thoughts. I swoon at the very mention of it. Weak in the knees? Yep, that's how I be! I'm not yet sure exactly what the heck kind of content you're going to find on here for the next few wicked weeks, but I hope you'll join me for a frightfully fun time.

The following is just an intro...a Halloween Haiku, if you will...to get us all in the SPIRIT of things. Tell me - what are your favorite things about this stupendous season? Here are some of mine...

  • Mini candy bars for days.
  • Halloween Parties.
  • Pumpkin patches.
  • Pumpkin everything.
  • Old school movies.
  • Gothic fonts.
  • Cobwebby mansions.
  • Ghouls.
  • Haunted Houses.
  • Hayrides.
  • Hayrides with chainsaws!
  • Magic 8 Balls.
  • Psychics.
  • Gross looking appetizers.
  • Crunchy leaves.
  • Dogs in costume. {I can't even!}
  • Costumes. 
  • More than one costume.
  • Changing costumes to go to the houses with BIG candy bars.
  • Vintage plastic 80s masks.
  • Pizza after Trick or Treat.
  • Parades.
  • Cider and donuts.
  • Hocus Pocus.
  • Casper.
  • Blinged out skulls.
  • Ghourds.
  • Mad scientists.
  • Potions.
  • Spells.
  • Candy apples.
  • Corn mazes.
  • Striped witch tights.
  • Trunk or Treats at churches.
  • Caramel Apple lollipops.
  • 1/2 days of school.
  • Popcorn balls.
  • Racing house to house. 
  • Counting your candy stash.
  • Spooky stories.
  • Chilly air. 
  • Sheet ghosts.
  • Whistling winds.
  • Freddy Krueger.

These are all nice shout outs, but one thing reigns supreme out of allllllll these amazing October Oddities. Yes, Vanessa Williams, you know I saved the best for last. Yes, indeed you do! Who was missing?...


Me and my main squeeze.

Yeah, I said it. {The Sensational Strawberry Sweetheart of my very existence.} Coco and Big M. raised SheShe and I on these. They were cool parents. Gotta say it. Sure, they monitored our sugar intake...{ahem...in front of people!}...but behind the scenes, I have to give credit where credit's due. My 'rents made a mad dash every October 1st to stock us up on Frankenberries. They never even thought twice about it. {That's hella cool.} Even when I was in college, they'd send me autumn care packages, and the face of this Gorgeous Goon would greet me as soon as FedEx sped away. I loved that even though I was exactly 496 miles away from them, it was heartwarming to know that they were thinking of me. They remembered! {#magical}

A click on this pic counts as a vote!
Love ya lots!

For reals - the sight of these precious pink princes is sometimes just too much for me to handle, lol. I'm serious! They take me back to such a joyful, purely pleasant time - childhood! Carefree, sunshiney, comforting days. I know that whenever October rolls around, this Magenta Monster will greet me on the end cap of an aisle. He'll be joined by his Buddy in Blue and a Chocolatey Chew. I'll never tire of that display.

In life, it's always nice to have something to hang onto - to call your own - to make you smile - to count on - to make you get all da feels. This cereal is one-a-doze things for dis 'ol daughter! Posting an ode to a breakfast food is so super random, I know. But sometimes random can be darn delicious!

Grab yourself a bowl, honey, and go heavy on the marshmallows. I said so.

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