Cauldron Cake Pops

Nerdy Nummies.

Every heard of this darling YouTube channel?
Rosanna Pansino, the sweet and spunky host, knows her way around the 'Tube.
Her Kristin Chenoweth-esque voice is endearing, her ideas are clever and her set is on point.
'Nuf said.

The {Challenges} she tries with her sister are super fun and inspiring!
They remind me of She She and I. And, I dig that.

Not sure when I stumbled across her channel, but as with all things You-Tubey, I'm so thrilled I did. I first read about her in a People Magazine article that featured her famous {Rainbow Cake}. Her baking style intrigued me, so over to her YT channel, I went! Her episodes are entertaining, and I always look forward to what she'll whip up next.

Here's my ode to her {Cauldron Cake Pops}. I followed her tutorial, and the only thing I swapped out was the yellow cake for 'ol Red Velv. {Had to! Ya know?} Here's a link to Ro's video: {click here}

I made these for our Halloween Party last fall. I'm a Nerd who loves Nerds, so that very ingredient sealed the deallio. They turned out like this. {Apparently, the 7 in the middle didn't like the chilly weather, as witnessed by their cutesy cuddling.}

{Let's Dish}:

* These were a bit time consuming overall...{waiting on choco to dry, etc.}...but, I cooked appetizers and other party foods during down time. Start these FIRST if you plan to add them to your spread!

* Use a toothpick to add the handles onto the pot.

* Buy that cake pop base at Hobby Lobby with your 40% off coupon. You can pick one up for about 5 lil' bucks! Spray paint it to match other color schemes in the future, if needed!

* Buy a pack of rainbow Nerds at the Dollar Tree. Yep, you'll have to sort 'em to find the greens. Throw 'em in a bowl + spoon 'em out while watching catching up on Real Housewives. {Not Scandal. The script is too quick, and you don't want to miss 1 millisecond of that perfection. Capiche?}

* You might be able to swap out the cake base with a BUCKEYE center or a RICE KRISPIE ball. They sound yummy, right?! {Just make sure to note which ones have PB on party night.}

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Love ya! 

Thanks for tuning in to {Entry #3 in Halloween-a-palooza 2015}! Not sure "WITCH" is better...these yummy treats or ya'll being so sweet!

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