Two Zero One Five

Today is page 1 of 365!
Welcome to a tiny little home where random thoughts roam. I'm Dee - "CoCo's Daughter" {and Big Mike's too} - your guide on a fun-filled ride with many quirky stops. Join me as I explore...well...pretty much anything and everything. My goal? To spark your creative interest in things, if you'll spark mine! I love to share things I find in hopes that others will share too. I'm a devoted daughter, a sister, a wacky wifey, a multiple mommy {twins!}, a fiercely loyal friend. We're all in this together - so let's talk!

A little preview of what's in store:
From rap to country, you'll never know what you're going to get over here. The Notorious B.I.G. has a top spot in my heart, but, let's face it...Luke Bryan is mighty persuasive on the other side of those air waves. Don't get me started on T-Swift. I fought it for many years, but her recent dabbling in pop has filled many Blank Spaces in that same heart for sure. 

{T.V.} - you name it, I've probably watched it. From Romper Room {they never did say my name after all those episodes} to CNN...I've watched it. So, sassy shows will probably be the focal point of many a chat! 

{Food} - I eat. I eat a lot. Many a belly-laughing, slap-your-knee funny, chuckle so hard your face hurts memories have happened around my family's dinner table. Those are some of my fondest memories, and they've shaped who I am today. So, I eat. I eat a lot. And, admittedly, I'm that person who takes pictures of food and posts them on Facebook. GUILTY! Proud and guilty. 

{Twins.} Twin daughters. 'Nuf said? Those first few weeks with twinfants are literally a blur, that's why we're desperately grasping every single deliciously gorgeous second of Twister parenthood. Can't get enough. I'm the mommy of 2 little old ladies. You know the kind. The funny old girlfriends you see on greeting cards who look like they're having the time of their life with each other. The little spitfires are the light of my life and my own tiny bosses. Best job. Ever.

{Fashion} - from pajamas to pearls and ponytails to cone barrel curls -  I'm obsessed. Even if I can't rock it, I'll praise it. I love how clothes and accessories can transform a person and serve as a form of expression. Another CoCo {one much more famous than my own personal CoCo}...Chanel, to be exact, once said, "Every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway." Even if my day feels like a track suit, I'll slap on some lipstick and try to rock that beast.

{Cupcakes and Cakes and Cake Pops} - oh my! I meant what I said in my Blog subhead - I'll share my thoughts on sugar and spice and everything nice. 

G'bye 2014. Cheers and cake pops. 

{Deals} - on a shopping outing when I was 5, I overheard my Grandma tell my mom {CoCo}, "Oh, just buy it! You don't know if it will be here tomorrow." So, here I am today. Following Grandma's advice like a good granddaughter should - while buying everything in sight. {Insert smile and batting eyes here}

{Parties} - we celebrate. We celebrate BIG! Why not, right?! We'd host a shin dig to honor the National Founding of Chevron Print Day if there was one. {Is there?} Doesn't matter what the subject is, we say live it up and live life loudly. Party on! {Don't forget the taco dip. And food name tags. And, did you buy enough mason jars?}

{Prizes} - like gifts? Me too! Stick around for contests and giveaways {just because!}. I'm looking forward to finding as many ways to show my appreciation to you. See something you like out there in Internet-land? Tell your 'ol girl Dee, and I'll try to hook you up! By the way. Any and every As-Seen-On-TV product is welcome. 24/7.

I'll stop here. More randomness to come! If you've made it this far, in the words of a previously mentioned siren, nice to...meet you...where you...been? I {hope to} show you incredible things...


  1. I feel like I have a seat in your living room. I will be reading! I love what you are doing! Your zest for life is inspirational! You are a gifted genius! I'm glad I got to see those creative juices flowing back in our college days. To the woman of many talent's (Coco's daughter) and family, I pray you have a successful, fun, happy 2015 full of abundant blessings & love. Love ya, Sista D!

  2. I said it before and I'll say it again, you were meant to be a blogger my dearie, absolute perfection!!! I of course love the shout outs to Luke and Biggie ♡ And from one chevron lover to another, I say we go ahead and establish National Chevron Print Day!! ;)

    I can't wait to read all your daily fabulous randomness my friend! Kudos to you D!!